Purcey, once referred to as the rhythm machine began his musical voyage in a dark attic bedroom in a sunny suburb of West London two decades ago. A deep passion for playing the drums complimented his progression into mixing Drum & Bass vinyl in his early teens. Influenced by a family that grew up in Manchester with a passion for all things dark and stormy, Purcey first went live on air at 18 and has since been a resident DJ at a number of radio stations in the South East.

When commercial music was dominating the scene, Purcey established himself as a turntable addict combining aggressive mixing styles underpinned with deep organic and percussion heavy House beats. From the intelligent blends he has dropped at the intimate club 93 Feet East to the dance floor bombs he has unleashed at Ministry of Sound, Purcey expresses and lives through his music.

Purcey prides himself on providing variety in the electronic dance music space. Tune into his bi-weekly show on Point Blank FM, London’s longest running dance music station.  He is currently focusing his time and efforts on producing a number of Tech House and Future Garage tracks. For further information, please see links below.

Residences: Point Blank FM

Gigs: Ministry of Sound, XOYO, Egg and 93 Feet East

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