DJ, Producer, Promoter, world class dancer and Drum n Bass enthusiast a like, DJ Timeless hails out of Reading.
Having grown up on his families eclectic combination of Reggae and Rock and professionally dancing from an early age, Infuse this with being part of the rave generation, you could say his love of music and dancing is in his DNA.
By the late 90s Timeless had cultivated a mixed spectrum of musical influences, DJing from free parties to weekly residencies.

For the past decade he has been part of the Subfactory movement with a monthly residency at a local club. Hypnotizing ravers with his up lifting and reinvigorating sets. High energy rolling beats with no boundaries gets people up dancing with a feel-good atmosphere.

Being part of the community and a small town music scene he knows all too well the importance of original, independent and non-commercial events. Successfully co owning a record shop in his home town and creating a local music Festival, spreading the power of music to the masses.

His passion is simple “Music is one of the things you can do, that makes the whole room smile at the same time”.

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