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Holy Smoke! Radio Show

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Holy Smoke! Radio Show

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The Holy Smoke! Radio Show a two hour adventure playground for all things vinyl...

Having known each other for the last ten years, it was only a matter of time until the cosmic introduced Pollo and Mr Drew. Sharing a love of all things rare and ridiculous and a hatred for their respective football teams; they became firm friends as part of the original crew on West London’s Ice-Cold FM. Progressing to Passion FM, S-Dance and eventually full circle to Point Blank FM the pair have for the last five years been putting shows together under the title The Holy Smoke! Radio Show. A three hour adventure playground for all things vinyl spanning a musical palette of Hip-Hop, Boogie, Disco, Techno and House.

Clearly the pair aren’t just for the indoors, having done their bit to rock parties over some of London’s most discerning Funktion Ones. Currently Mr Drew can be found as a resident of the collective Alfalfa as well as holding a monthly residency at the Horse and Groom in Shoreditch. Pollo been lucky to be invited this year by Cut The Mustard Recordings to feature at their parties and the duo are looking to a New Year’s resolution in resurrecting their West London warehouse party No Frills in 2016.

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