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Blanka Barbara

Wednesday 22:00 - 0:00 GMT
Progressive House, Techno, Electronic

Blanka Barbara is a live act, DJ, producer, and label owner [Rabbit Records], but most importantly an innovative progressive house music connoisseur. On her weekly radio show 'BBHour', she’ll take you on a 2-hour voyage through melodious and cutting-edge tunes, fresh and modern sounds of progressive house and melodic techno. Musicality and creativity are the guiding stars of this captivating experience for the listeners.

Coming from the classical composer’s background, Blanka Barbara puts musicality and enthralling storytelling through music first. Carefully steered sonic and emotional experiences are an integral part of her productions, live performances and DJ sets.

Blanka Barbara’s current releases are a statement to melodic techno-inspired progressive explorations. 'Amsterdam Diamond' EP released in February 2021 on LSA Records has gained substantial support from livestreaming DJs and producers, while also making its way in Top100 charts on Beatport. Most recent releases include 'Red Magic Lily' on Dynamica, 'Lost in Digital Fog' on Eat My Hat Music and 'Knights of Orion' on Aviary Recordings. More of Blanka Barbara's much-anticipated tracks creating a buzz in the industry will appear on prestigious labels such as Massive Harmony Records, Uxoa Dutxa Elite, Serendeep and Mango Alley this summer.

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